Database analysis: Micronutrient formulation greatly improves bipolar and ADHD symptoms in 161 children and adolescents.

Scientists analyzed data from 120 children with pediatric bipolar disorder who were treated with a micronutrient formulation co-developed by Hardy Nutritionals® founder David Hardy for at least 6 months. 24% of these children also had a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Their results were compared with an additional 41 children who were diagnosed with ADHD alone. Children with a bipolar diagnosis showed a 59% decline in symptoms, whereas children with ADHD showed a 40% decrease in symptoms. The duration of symptom reduction suggests that benefits of micronutrient treatment were not attributable to placebo or expectancy effects. Of those taking psychiatric medications, more than half were able to completely discontinue them over a 6-month period. Medication use by the remainder of children was reduced by 74% during the same time period.

Database analysis of children and adolescents with bipolar disorder consuming a micronutrient formula.

Rucklidge JJ, Gately D, Kaplan BJ. BioMed Central Psychiatry. 2010 Sep 28;10:74.

†The micronutrient formulation studied was a pre-2013 version of Truehope EMPowerplus which was co-formulated by David Hardy and Anthony Stephan. Truehope EMPowerplus is a registered trademark of The Synergy Group of Canada Inc., which was co-founded by David Hardy and Anthony Stephan in 1999. David Hardy officially resigned as a shareholder of The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. and director of Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. in 2013 to focus his efforts exclusively on Hardy Nutritionals®.