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Using Micronutrients for Severe Mood Swings

Posted on : May 05, 2020 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments
Jessica first found out about Hardy Nutritionals® when she stumbled upon this TED talk, which features some of the research behind Hardy's clinical micronutrients, a natural alternative for mood instability.  She had suffered for years and ended up hospitalized with severe mood swings and ended up on a journey to find a natural alternative that could help her find balance.

This video review was recorded during social distancing over Zoom.

Jessica worked with the Product Specialists at Hardy Nutritionals to transition to Daily Essential Nutrients, our clinical level micronutrients and says she was very impressed from day one with the help she received as she transitioned from her medications.

In the above interview recorded in May 2020, Jessica shares, "I'm tired when I'm supposed to be tired now and I have energy when I'm supposed to have energy in the morning, and these were things that I didn't have when I was on my medications before I started Daily Essential Nutrients.  I'm very, very happy with the results and I feel like in just a short time they've been very successful and brought a vitality and natural calm energy that I did not know I could have, frankly."

She says she feels like she has "real emotions again" now that she is taking this natural alternative called "Daily Essential Nutrients" for severe mood swings.

"I would say that the difference that it brings for my family and my relationships is that they see a side of me that is stable and not causing problems."

For more information on using Daily Essential Nutrients to address severe mood swings, visit  Always discuss any changes to your regimen with your health care provider.
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