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Taking Daily Essential Nutrients With Medications

Posted on : August 02, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

This video illustrates what you need to know about taking Daily Essential Nutrients with medications.

Jim and Mary both suffer from the same mood disorder.  Jim takes medications and Mary does not.  Mary starts taking Daily Essential Nutrients and begins to feel better.  She tells Jim about Daily Essential nutrients and he starts to take it too, at the same dose that Mary is taking.  At first, Jim starts to feel better; but then after a few weeks, he starts to feel worse.  He tells Mary about it and she recommends he calls Hardy Nutritionals® since he is taking DEN together with medications.  

Jim calls Hardy's and tells them that he thinks the Daily Essential Nutrients is making him feel terrible.  The Product Specialist he speaks to tells Jim that it could be that the micronutrients are bringing out the side-effects in the medications he is currently taking.  It sounds like Jim is getting better, and may need less of the medications.   The Product Specialist refers Jim to a doctor from the Hardy Nutritionals health professional locator.

Jim goes to see the doctor, who tells him that his transition may take a few months and that eventually, he will likely be able to get completely off of the medications.  Jim visits the doctor regularly and follows the instructions she gives him.  Before long, he doesn't need to take his medications at all and feels great.

Jim tells Mary that it was well worth calling Hardy Nutritionals and working with his doctor to successfully find balance.

If you are taking medications, call or text 855-955-1114 to chat with a Hardy Nutritionals Product Specialist.

Also, be sure to check out our Clinical Resources which discuss dosage and drug interactions.

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