Success Stories: Using Daily Essential Nutrients for Pediatric ADHD, ODD

Jess, a dedicated mother of three, graciously shares the story of her oldest son, Max, who is diagnosed with ADHD and ODD.  Before finding Daily Essential Nutrients, Max struggled with the overwhelming and unmanageable symptoms that often accompany ADD/ODD.  He was oppositionally defiant, moody, argumentative and had a hard time focusing and making friends.  He became the victim of bullying at school because he acted up a lot and seemed different than the other kids.  Jess says that their family life had become very contentious. She had even gone so far as to home-school Max to help him learn to focus and stay on task and to get away from the bullying he was experiencing.

Now Max has been using Daily Essential Nutrients for about a year and half, and life has improved dramatically for him and his family.  

In this second installment of the Mental Health + Micronutrients Video Series, Jess shares her family's journey to finding relief for Max while supporting him through his struggles with behavior.  After trying multiple therapies and spending thousands of dollars, Max's parents felt that they had finally reached the end of their rope.  That was when Jess learned about Daily Essential Nutrients. She says she was willing to try "just about anything" by that point.