Apply for Clinical Pricing


Benefits Available to you as a Health Professional

  • Health Professional Locator

    Add your clinic information to our interactive Google map. Many new clients request to consult with a local health professional. This tool provides the information necessary to find local clinicians trained in the use Hardy products. If you would like to be on our map, click on "Yes" to the application question "I would like to receive new patient referrals" and fill-out your clinic details under the Health Professional Locator tab found when you log into your Hardy account.

  • Referral Codes for Patients

    Receive a clinic-specific code which provides permanent discounts on Hardy products to your patients.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Purchase Hardy products to carry in your clinic or dispensary at our wholesale clinical pricing.

  • Helpful Tools

    Clinical Reference Guide
    FAQ Guide
    Product Brochures
    Microflora Questionnaire
    Flexible Autoship Discount

Application Form

Thank you for applying clinical pricing.

We will look forward to your application and respond for the same.

Medical Professionals can apply for reduced pricing on Hardy Nutritionals products.

Provide the most researched micronutrient formulation to your patients with this easy 1-step process.