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Micronutrients for Mood & Aggression? Do they work?

Posted on : January 30, 2019 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Max's parents felt that they had tried everything to help him with his mood swings, oppositional defiance and aggression.  They tried many options and nothing seemed to give their son the relief he needs to thrive.  Max struggled daily with the overwhelming and unmanageable effects of his behavior both at home and at school.  

Then his mom found out about Daily Essential Nutrients, a powerful micronutrient blend backed by third party double-blind research for pediatric ADHD.

In the interview Jess, Max's mom, shares her family's journey to finding relief for Max while supporting him through his struggles with behavior.  After trying multiple therapies and spending thousands of dollars, Max's parents felt that they had finally reached the end of their rope.  That was when Jess learned about Daily Essential Nutrients. She says she was willing to try "just about anything" by that point.

Max started taking DEN in the summer, three weeks before starting a new school.  When he started school, Jess was pleasantly surprised to learn from his teacher that Max wasn't having the struggles with focusing or staying on task that he typically dealt with at the beginning of each school year.

As Max began taking Daily Essential Nutrients consistently, he started noticing a difference in his experience at school.  He figured out that the micronutrients allowed him to be more in control of himself. This, in turn, meant fewer negative consequences, which further motivated him to take the micronutrients.  In fact, Jess says that she can tell when Max misses a dose of the micronutrients.  When he takes DEN, his mom says it significantly improves his ability to function in a calm, settled, focused manner.

Jess shares, "You love your child, you want the best for them, you want to help them. It's hard to watch them struggle...It's a huge strain on the marriage..the family...and life.  We had tried everything [before trying DEN]...As a parent, the Daily Essential Nutrients have really changed my life."

Daily Essential Nutrients is not a cure, and it doesn't take away the ADHD, but research shows that it improves focus, aggression and emotional regulation.

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