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"We Tried Everything...Daily Essential Nutrients is Well Worth it!"

Posted on : October 11, 2018 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

Tremendous Improvement in My Son With ADHD & ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

"We have literally tried everything under the sun except for prescription drugs to help our son with ADHD & ODD. This includes several extensive therapies, both of the holistic and traditional varieties as well as many, many supplements. We started searching for things to help our son when he was 3 years old after he was kicked out of preschool for being very disruptive. (He literally bounced off the walls among many other things). All of the therapies and supplements we have tried have helped a little here and there, but our son was getting completely out of control, especially his ODD symptoms.

I saw an ad for the Daily Essential Nutrients on Facebook shortly after our son turned nine at a time I felt I had completely reached the end of my rope. I decided I might as well give the Daily Essential Nutrients a try and within 24 hours of giving it to my son, I noticed a change. I asked him to take out the trash expecting the normal oppositional attitude and inevitable argument but instead he just said, "sure, mom!" and took out the trash.

I was completely and utterly shocked!!! I am sure any parent out there with an ODD child can relate!daily essential nutrients oppositional defiant disorder

The biggest improvement I noticed is that he is much more agreeable. He is also, generally speaking, in a much better mood. I really appreciate the fact that he is much more willing to do the things I ask without putting up a big fuss about it first. He also gets along much better with his siblings, and his teachers have  noticed an improvement in his attitude and willingness to cooperate at school, as well.

He takes the Daily Essential Nutrients at breakfast everyday and by the afternoon, if we've forgotten to have him take them again, I can tell a big difference. He'll be arguing with me about every last thing, in a horrible mood and fighting with his siblings. ODD symptoms immediately alert me that he needs to take his second dose of the micronutrients. Of course, now we are much better at making sure he takes them with breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to avoid the craziness of ODD all together.

There was one time I had him take them without eating very much and it did make him feel a little sick to his stomach for a while so make sure you take them with a meal. My son doesn't fight me on taking these because he can feel for himself the difference in the way they make him feel.  He tells me that the Daily Essential Nutrients help him to be in a better mood and that they "just make me feel better." I like the fact that they are an all-natural way of helping him and with all the research I have done over the years, many experts agree that the vitamins and minerals in this supplement are essential and needed in high doses for people with ADHD and ODD.

I have spent TONS of money trying all different combinations of all sorts of vitamins and minerals. We have spent thousands of dollars on therapies and I am grateful for the improvements my son made with those, but we still had so many behavioral issues that were really negatively impacting our son, our family and our sanity. I am so thankful for how easy the Daily Essential Nutrients are- just one bottle of supplements in my cupboard now and that's all my son needs to be an agreeable, happy little man.

I especially appreciate the increased peace in our home. The money spent on the Daily Essential Nutrients is well worth it!!! I have a good friend with a 13-year-old daughter who also has ADHD and ODD. She has also tried many of the same therapies and supplements as we have but also still needed help with the behavioral challenges most parents with kids with ADHD and especially ODD face. She started her daughter on Ritalin about the same time I started my son on the Daily Essential Nutrients. We both report the same improvements in behavior but my son doesn't have any of the side effects her daughter is dealing with on the Ritalin.

So, if you have reached the end of your rope and you are looking for something to help especially with ODD, I would try this stuff first. It really is amazing!!"

- J.R., Customer Since 2018

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