The Case for Going "Back To School" With Micronutrients

A growing number of parents are turning to micronutrients before medications for school-aged children.

Daily Essential Nutrients is a clinical micronutrient supplement produced by Hardy Nutritionals® designed to support mood and mental health.  Over 30 medical journal publications back the safety and effectiveness of micronutrients for use by adults and children for ADHD, stress, anxiety, depression and more.†back to school micronutrients

During an episode of Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®, Hardy Nutritionals® founder David L. Hardy explained how Daily Essential Nutrients is helping adults and children avoid the side effects of psychiatric medications.

During the segment, Hardy explains that the rate of chronic illness is increasing at an alarming rate.  

"Our formula is impacting people's lives in many is giving a lot of relief to people with mental illness, some who have not had relief with medications have found complete relief.  There are several published studies [on this]."  

Watch the following 10 minute segment from Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®:

University of Canterbury Professor Julia Rucklidge has done a number of studies in her lab researching the safety and effectiveness of Daily Essential Nutrients.†  

Recently, Dr. Julia Rucklidge and her team published a double-blind, randomized controlled trial[1] for ADHD in adults, and concluded, "more than twice as many people in the nutrient group were ‘very much’ or ‘much’ improved in overall symptoms as compared with those on placebo."  

For those who entered the trial depressed, twice as many went into remission in their depression in the micronutrient group. They also rated moderate and severely depressed participants in the nutrient group as having "nearly double the improvement in depression symptoms."

The researchers found that the micronutrients were completely safe; there were no differences in side effects between the placebo and the micronutrients.

Dr. Rucklidge is considered an expert in the field of micronutrient research.  She has over 100 peer reviewed publications and book chapters, has been featured in the media over 100 times and has given over 100 invitational talks across the world on her work researching micronutrients and mental health. She is currently on the Executive Committee for the International Society of Nutritional Psychiatry Research.   Her 2014 TEDx talk on Nutrition and Mental Health has been viewed over half a million times.back to school with micronutrients

A 2017 interview featured on NZ Sunday highlights Dr. Rucklidge's research on micronutrients and the impact her work is having on the lives of those struggling with mental health.  The segment takes an in-depth look at several individuals and their experiences using micronutrients.

Watch the following 10 minute segment from NZ Sunday, Food for Thought - Mental Health & Nutrition:

This month, Elephant Journal, a widely read online health magazine with over 11,000,000 monthly readers recently featured an article focusing on using Daily Essential Nutrients for ADHD.  The article asks the question 'How can nutrition treat mental health?' and the answer is very straightforward.  elephant journal adhd
While medication may help with symptoms of mental health and mood disorders, Daily Essential Nutrients aims to provide the body with the solid nutritional foundation the brain and body need to perform optimally, without the side-effects.

So couldn't we just eat more vegetables?  

Research has shown that food crops today have lower nutrient values than they did 50+ years ago. Intensive agricultural practices, including extensive chemical use and food supply over-processing, are just two among many factors depleting our food sources of essential nutrients.  

Now over thirty independent medical journal publications back the safety and efficacy of micronutrients for mood and mental health disorders.† 

Access Health produced a segment in 2015 which features an interview with world renowned Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Dr. Charles Popper of Harvard University.  Dr. Popper shares his experience using Daily Essential Nutrients to treat bipolar disorder in a 10 year old boy.

Dr. Popper shares, "We don't have any psychiatric drugs that can do that, I've never seen a psychiatric drug do that in any case."

Watch the following segment with David Hardy and Dr. Charles Popper from Access Health:

Dr. Scott Shannon, Integrative Psychiatrist in Ft. Collins, Colorado has been recommending Daily Essential Nutrients to patients for years.  He reports, "About 97% of people that I try on it, prefer it over medications." 

See the 1 minute video featuring Dr. Scott Shannon here:

Newshub reporter Emma Cropper followed the positive response of 13 year old New Zealand boy, Xander, who has successfully used Daily Essential Nutrients to manage his ADHD symptoms. "It actually really calms me down when I feel stressed out," he comments.

Xander’s mother Laura discusses her son’s condition before he started using the micronutrient treatment, "He would just cry all the time…He wasn't eating, he wasn't sleeping. He wasn't a nice Xander."

Watch the interview with Xander and his mom from NewsHub here:

If you are considering trying Daily Essential Nutrients, there are a few things you'll need to know before getting started.

  • If you use psychiatric medications, discuss your medication reduction plan with your prescriber.
  • Learn about gut health and how it impacts your ability to uptake nutrients into your body.
  • Consider adding Balanced Free-Form Aminos to assist with withdrawal from psychiatric medications.
  • Contact our Product Specialists to discuss best practices.
  • Share our Health Professional resources with your provider.
  • Watch the following videos:
    • How to Obtain an Optimal Response
    • How to Successfully Transition from Medications

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[1]Vitamin–mineral treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults: double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial. Rucklidge JJ, Frampton CMA, Gorman B, Boggis A. The British Journal of Psychiatry. 2014 Feb;204(2): doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.113.132126 [Epub ahead of print]

Always consult with your doctor when altering your treatment regimen and before adjusting your medication dosing.

Information from Hardy Nutritionals® is for educational purposes only, and suggestions should not be considered medical advice.


†Refers to Daily Essential Nutrients and pre-2013 versions of EMPowerplus co-formulated by David L. Hardy, founder of Hardy Nutritionals®.



Hardy Nutritionals® multivitamin-mineral products are powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with specialized organic molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. Our flagship supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients is widely considered to be the most research-backed micronutrient treatment.

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