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Mini Documentary Featuring NutraTek Health Innovations to Air on Public TV

Posted on : October 07, 2014 by Hardy Nutritionals® No Comments

The Leading Edge Series has produced a mini documentary about why supplementing with the vitamins and minerals in our technology-enhanced nutritional products is so important. This 5 minute segment will air on educational Public TV (PTV). Because we are so excited about it, we thought we should share it with you!
The video we've embedded in this article (and the script below) will give you a sneak preview of what you'll see shortly on TV.

A shorter commercial version of this mini documentary will likely air nationally on the Fox Business Network and will be followed by hundreds of regional airings in many of the top designated market areas (DMAs) across the United States.

When we know specific air dates, we will announce them on our NutraTalk Blog. Stay tuned.

Mini Documentary Script

The human body - with millions of processes and systems interacting inside of us we are perhaps the most complex living organism on the planet.

Much like a circuit board, our bodies are communication system that contains trillions of cells that need to interact with one another to obtain optimal health. Regularly consuming the right combination of vitamins and minerals plays a big role in ensuring overall wellness.

Dr. Julia Rucklidge: "There's data now that's showing that what we eat influences our mental health and these are studies that not only look at the association, correlationally looking at what I'm eating right now and whether or not I have a mental illness, but also prospectively--that is, what I ate six years ago can influence my mental health now."

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan: "Every minute of every day about a liter, or a quart, of blood washes through your brain. What's that blood doing? It's bringing oxygen and nutrients. So ask yourself what's in your brain's bathwater? Is it nutrient rich? Then probably your brain is doing pretty well, but for a lot of people what they've eaten in the last 24 hours or so it's not that good, and that bathwater is sub-optimal."

Studies show that a large portion of the US population is not meeting 100% of the recommended dietary allowance for multiple essential nutrients. Furthermore, lack of nutrients may lead to deficiency disorders and prevent optimal health.

David L. Hardy: "Even a single deficiency in the body can be serious. It's like a break in a circuit board. You can shut down an entire metabolic pathway and limit how well the body can function. Therefore the body can only function to the level of the first limiting nutrient."

Dr. Julia Rucklidge: "And so another viable way forward is to supplement and that's the type of work that I've been doing and we are finding robust effects time after time in every single study that we've conducted at the University of Canterbury to date."

As more Americans begin to realize the importance of nutrients the use of supplements has increased over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, what many users of supplements don't know is that not all supplements are created equal.

David L. Hardy: "The problem with the research that has been done on some nutritional supplements is that that they've used rather poor supplements. These are supplements that may not be very complete, that may not have the correct balance of essential elements that's necessary for them to operate correctly in the body. They may not be processed properly, they may not be made into small particles that the body can use, and particularly they may not have the minerals in a format that the body can readily use them. Science has shown, for instance, that plant forms of minerals are over a hundred times more soluble than the rock form. The body doesn't do well with the rock form of the element."

NutraTek Health Innovations is leading the way in cutting-edge supplement technology. Our focus is to address the urgent need to dramatically reduce healthcare costs for individuals, employers, wellness providers, insurance companies, and governments via technology enhanced essential nutrient supplementation.

David L. Hardy: "Because our company was developed to meet the serious health needs of several family members we've paid close attention to how the supplement actually works and we've taken nearly two decades of intensive research+ and experience to measure results so that our product will deliver results and people can count on it to do that."

NutraTek's products and technology have been extensively studied by researchers and healthcare professionals around the world for nearly 20 years producing never before seen results.

Dr. Julia Rucklidge: "The evidence now is pretty remarkable in terms of using vitamins and minerals for the treatment of mental illness, and while we've been collecting data to look at it specifically for the treatment of ADHD for which we found a robust effect compared to placebo in adults with ADHD, there are also other studies that have been done both in my lab and also internationally that have shown the effect of micronutrients for the treatment of stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism,...across the whole range of disorders like depression, anxiety and stress."

David L. Hardy: "It's actually the effectiveness of the supplement that does create the biggest challenge for the company and the challenge is convincing the public that the never-before-seen-results that we are generating with this product, for example, in the research on adult ADHD+ at New Zealand that was conducted showing treatment effects superior to medications, convincing the public that those results are real and that we can deliver those results repeatedly and people can count on it when they buy our supplement."

As more Americans discover better ways to give their bodies what they need, NutraTek is leading the way in developing cutting-edge technology that will change the way we see the industry.

David L. Hardy: "NutraTek will continue to support and foster research globally. We will also play key role in educating the public and health professionals globally about the powerful impact that the proper kind of nutrition can deliver to human health."

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+Refers to a pre-2013 version of Truehope EMPowerplus which was co-formulated by David Hardy. Truehope EMPowerplus is a registered trademark of The Synergy Group of Canada Inc.

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