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Our Vision // Our Vision, Mission & Values

Mission Vision Values

Our Vision

Inspired by our founder, David Hardy, we envision a world without mental illness!

  • A world in which the stigma and suffering of mental illness are eradicated through a common understanding that it is preventable and reversible!
  • Healthcare which optimizes the natural ability of the human body to heal itself by using nutrition as the first line of defense against disease.
  • A culture of wellness in which individuals, families, and societies can unlock their full potential for happiness and productivity.

Our Mission

  • Develop and provide the most effective and clinically proven nutrition-based solutions for mental wellness.
  • Guide as many people as possible to an improved quality of life by educating and training those who suffer, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.
  • Advance the scientific knowledge supporting nutrition as an effective means of achieving long term well-being.

Our Shared Values

  • Dedication: Helping people is our passion.
  • Integrity: Our foundation for success.
  • Relationships: How we act and communicate matters.
  • Excitement: We are changing the world!
  • Collaboration: Stronger as a team.
  • Responsibility: Our cause is bigger than us.
  • Teachability: Willing to learn; striving to improve.  
  • Innovation: Connecting the dots...
  • Organization: Pursuing operational excellence.